"IP India"

The IPIndia website is a government-run initiative, taken by the Government of India to promote the Intellectual Property ecosystem in India. The IP India website is also a primary tool for public search of trademarks. Other than that, it relies on a comprehensive guide to E-filings, resources for Intellectual Property rights acts and rules, publication of Intellectual Property related journals, etc.

"About the Offices"

The Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks (CGPDTM) , office is located in Mumbai. The Patent offices are located in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. With Kolkata being the head of the Patent offices. The Trademark registry office has branches in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi, with the head office being in Mumbai. Located in the Patent Office is the Design office in Kolkata. The Geographical Indications Registry has recently been set up in Chennai.

The Controller General supervises the Patents Act of 1979, the Designs Act of 2000, and the Trade Marks Act of 1999. The Controller general also advises the Indian Government on Intellectual Property-related matters.

The Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management or the NIIPM is located in Nagpur along with the Offices of Patent Information System or PIS.

Services of IP India

E- Filings

The website of IP India provides

● E- Filings of Patents

● E- Filings of Designs

● E- Filings of Trade Mark

● E- Filings of Geographical Indications

● Information on payment of fees to Patent Agents

● Information regarding WIPO E- PCT filings

Patent Utilities

IP India provides a look into the dynamic patent utilities. They include-

● Information on Expired Patents.

● Information related to the disposal of patent applications.

● Dynamic information of a First Examination Report or FER view.

● Information as under Section 146 of the Patents Act, relating to the working of Patents.

● Dynamic information related to patent applications based on specific fields.

Trademark utilities

IP India provides information on dynamic trademark utilities. They are-

● Notices on disposal of trademarks.

● Information relating to stock and flow of trademarks.

● Information relating to notices to abandon trademark filing procedure on non-receipt of reply.

Public Search

Public search is available for-

● Patents

● Designs

● Trademarks

● E- registry for patent agents

Status of Application

One can follow their applications in the relative intellectual property fields, such as-

● Patents

● Designs

● Trademarks

● Geographical Indications Registry or GIRs

● Requests to correct Trademark records


The website of IP India provides necessary and relevant information related to Patents. It Includes-

● Information regarding E- Filing of Patents

● Information into Public search for patents that are already granted

● Application status for patents

● A history of the Indian patent scenario

● Patent administration consists of addresses of the patent offices

● Patent Acts and amendments

● Patents Rules


The website of IP India provides under designs-

● The Designs Act

● Amendments to the Designs Act

● Designs Rules

● Addresses for offices for Designs


The website of IP India provides under trademarks-

● Information regarding E- Filing of Trademarks

● Information into Public search for Trademarks

● Application status for Trademarks

● Comprehensive information on World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO

● A brief background on trademarks

● General information on trademarks

● Trademark Act and amendments

● Trademark Rules

Geographical Indications

IP India provides information relating to Geographical Indications, such as-

● The registration process for Geographical Indications

● Classification of goods with regards to Geographical Indications

● Fees with regards to Geographical Indication registration

● The Geographical Indications Act

● The Geographical Indications Rules

● News and events regarding Geographical Indications

Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management

The Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management or NIIPM is the national centre of excellence for education, training, management and research in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in India.

The objective of the NIIPM is to train Patent, trademark, designs, geographical indication examiners, Intellectual Property professionals, Intellectual Property managers, and to impart basic education to the communities, governments and stakeholders upon the different Intellectual Property rights issues.