Patent search

A patent search is an important step in the patent registration process. A thorough search gives an applicant the green signal to proceed further with their patent application that helps save time. Moreover, a patent search is also conducted to find information on patented inventions which may help the applicant understand recent inventions made in the field of their expertise or interest.

Importance of patent search

Helps improve the applicant’s chances of obtaining the patent grant. Makes the procedure of claims drafting easier. Find information on already patented inventions.

How to do a patent search in India?

A patent search in India can be conducted free of cost. To conduct a patent search, the applicant may go through the patent database of India. On the database, the applicant can search for both published and granted patents.

The applicant can search for published or granted patents from the following categories:

i.Application date



iv.Complete specification

v.Inventor’s name

vi.Application number

vii.Filing office

viii.PCT application number

A keyword search may be conducted in the case of title, abstract, and claims search criteria. One may also conduct a patent search by entering the name of the applicant in the appropriate box and upon search, the results will display the titles of all the inventions published or granted in the name of the respective applicant.

What information can be obtained?

After one enters the appropriate details, several search results pop up. Once an application is selected, a document opens which shows the application number, title, application date, and status. The searcher can find the following information through a patent search:

i.Title of the invention

ii.Type and date of publication

iii.Application number and date of filing the application

iv.Date of priority, country, and number

v.Invention field


vii.Applicant’s name, address, and nationality

viii.Summary of the application under abstract

Thus, the importance of patent search cannot be understated as it helps the applicant avoid already patented applications and draft their applications accordingly. Keeping the complex nature of patent applications in mind, it is recommended to approach a patent attorney or agent who has expertise in such matters and can help guide you more effectively throughout the entire process.